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Hi, I'm Clive Williams

I'm based in Bromley, which is south east of London in the UK and have been taking photographs since my Dad gave me a Box Brownie camera when I was about 10 years old. I was also inspired by my Uncle Ted, who had a lovely Rolleiflex and learning how to develop and print my own film in his darkroom occupied a large part of my school holidays.

Over the years I progressed through a dalliance with 8mm movies in my teens, then after a gap of I can't remember how many years whilst I was too busy slaving away in a number of ad agencies (plus the nearby pubs and wine bars!) I fell in love with 35mm and owned a number of Olympus and Nikon cameras, all of which I still have. A Nikon D90 was my introduction to the digital era, which after a couple of years was swapped for a D7200 and then I upgraded to full frame by exchanging it for a D750. Most recently, I added a Nikon Z6 to my collection and although mirrorless is definitely the future, I'm still hanging on to the D750, because I like the mechanical feel of a DSLR

I'm not a professional photographer, just an enthusiastic amateur and part time freelance, who's been taking photographs for well over 50 years. Until I got my first DSLR though, if I'm being honest, my efforts were pretty average. But now, having sold my events company a few years ago and having more time on my hands, I want to get back to travelling around the UK and overseas once the Covid restrictions are relaxed. I am a member of the Royal Photographic Society and I'm studying online for my NCFE Level 3 Diploma in Photography. Something that I hope will enable me to get a better understanding of the technical side of the art and improve my long exposure landscapes and street photography, which I suppose are my main loves. Although, you'll see from the images in my Gallery that wildlife is also way up there for me and you might guess from the banner above, I'm also a petrolhead with a love of Porsche 911s. A tiger safari in Kanha National Park in India in December 2017 gave the opportunity for what I think are some really great images and a stroll around the back streets and markets of Delhi and Mumbai were also fascinating for the street photographer in me.

My gallery is an assortment of my favourite images to date and more will be added as time goes by. Once I have enough, I will sort them into categories, but in the meantime I'd love to hear what you think. So if you'd like to comment, or give me some constructive criticism, please go to the Contact page and drop me a line. And if I get enough (any?) likes, I might add a sales page, where you will have the opportunity if you want to, to get hold of prints of my work.

But then of course if that happens, I'll have to delete the sentence that says I'm not a professional!!!